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NLS Pro - Where Comfy meets Power!
NLS is proven to be the most comfortable electric skateboard to ride by all owners. And now, we have added power and range to NLS and we did many upgrades in details, tinkers on battery case, tinkers on the wire on top of the deck.
Thus the NLS Pro is born.

Power Increased: 30%
Range Increased: 60%
Price increased: 100 USD only. (599-699)

ESC: Upgraded from Meepo V2 ESC to hobbywing ESC with smooth control and whats more. We customized the ESC to MEEPO FOC with 30% power increase!
Battery: Meepo ER battery (10s2p 40T battery with 60Amps discharge and 8Ah capacity. )
Remote: NR remote with flashlight.
(ship separately in later May, and there is a spare remote for you to use when waiting)


Power: 540watt X 2 hubmotors (30% more power than NLS)
Range: 20 miles range per ER battery.(fast swap battery)

Equipped with the most popular ESC for smooth control and upgraded it to be 30% more power.

4 reasons why this NLS Pro rides like a dream, like on air.
1 Using the best Bamboo deck made in China. +
2 100mm shock absorption wheels, +
3 Shredder trucks tall bushing to absorbed shock +
4 Cushion added griptape.

Time to reach 30kmh, 5 seconds.
Distance to stop from 30kmh, 10 m.
Top speed on 15% slope, 20kmh.

Range: 20miles.
Top speed: 45kmh


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